Thursday, March 9, 2017

Independent & Dependent Variables


   One independent variable was the surface it was on. We changed 
the surface from tile ,to blacktop to ,carpet. Our dependent variable was the time it took time. we could not change or create the time. Last we had to figure out the controlled variables. That said ,the controlled variables are the robot, the code and the ipad we timed the speed on. That is how you can record your data 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sensabot Challenge Explaining Our Code

                                                           Hard Beginnings

    First we had a problem working our robot. We thought there was something wrong with our code, shortly after that we figured out that our robot was broken. So our teacher let us have a new one. That was where the fun began...! 

                                           Baby Steps
 First on our code we did 3 wheel rotations to get us to the first line. On the next one we made the arm  go up by doing 0.35 in the place where we would put wheel rotations but the code is different. After that we needed the arm to go down. So we did the same thing as putting the arm up but instead of doing the code 0.35 we had to do -0.35. So when we do negatives it ether goes backwards or down in this case. But if we do no negatives it goes forwards or up. so of now on I  will not explain how to make the arm go up and down. Just assume that every time we get to the next line we put the arm up and down. 
                                   Starting to Understand
  Sense the tape was put down by a human we have to change the wheel rotations every time because the tape is not perfectly placed. Next we did 3 wheel rotations get us to the next line. than after that we made the arm go up and down. (which I already explained in the second paragraph) 

                                          finally done!
  Than we had it easy... to get to the next line all we had to do is 3 wheel rotations AGEN! Then we made the arm go up and down. (which I already explained in the second paragraph) once we where at the third line all we had to do was bring it back to the beginning! But how? We did -9 as our code to make it go all the way back! Thats it!   
                                                  | By Sam Khanna & William Hasley |

Monday, October 5, 2015

Digital Citizen

You are not a cyber bully. You are a good friend.   You do not do plagiarism .You give then credit .

                                                    NOW YOU ARE A GOOD